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Brand Building

Content Creation

Social Media Management

Event Planning and Execution

Promotional Marketing

Visual Design


Kacie is a natural leader with over ten years in the marketing industry. She got her start as a brand ambassador and worked her way to becoming a marketing manager while in college. She realized that with the knowledge she obtained, she could establish her own marketing agency. In 2017, Kacie co-founded Kace Face Promotions, INC. By 2018, the company represented brands such as Patron, Heineken, Ketel One, Redbull, Constellation Brands, Audi, Modern Luxury, House of Carbonadi, and Dolce & Gabanna.


Kacie recruited, mentored, and coached a team of over 100 brand ambassadors and developed action plans to close gaps between goals and results. Her integrity and tailored brand strategy made the company a force within the industry. In the spring of 2019, Kacie successfully sold her company. She now does marketing consulting and brand strategy independently—lending her knowledge and experience to brands throughout Southern California.

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